Our Yoga program is also part of our RowerFit community. Yoga is free for all crossfit members. This form of recovery yoga will enhance all other activites the individual takes part in. Super star movement specialist Nicky Bull has put together a variety of Yin and Yang Yoga especially for us. Nicky says "most high intensity exercise is yang in nature and those individuals whom regularly take part in that sort of training can experience contraction of the muscles and need to stretch these muscles regularly. Stretching them in a yin like fashion has huge benefits for the high intensity athlete".

I’m a yogi and enjoy taking new classes. I recently tried the Rowerfit class and noticed they also did a yoga class tailored for the rowers and crossfitters. I do also love body balance so the soft cool music was nice and the yoga movements with mobility was really cool. I’ll definately be back.
— Chrissy Haynes - Business Owner